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Our Keystones of Care are fundamental to all Resident Assistants.  Carriage Hall Assisted Living demands a monitored foundation assuring that residents and their loved ones are comfortable with the care they are receiving.  The following areas we closely monitor:

  1. Respect

We have the utmost admiration for residents. Knowing our residents, allows familiarity of their life experiences. This is key in providing care. Care members receive and study history to highlight moments defining our residents – the greatest generation.

  1. Choice

Options are available, creating an environment allowing residents input into the way they live. Soliciting ideas from residents for suggestions empowers residents to know they are truly part of a Carriage Hall Assisted Living community.

  1. Independence

As you are aware, the level of independence is directly related to the level of their health. But our goal is – keep residents as independent as possible. This is vital to anyone’s existence, especially the well-being of residents and members. Our care team is diligent – encouraging resident support to be as active as can be based upon their history. This allows residents to feel empowered – connecting them to their daily life and lives’ of others

  1. Dignity

While caring for residents, we are vitally aware of the difficulties some residents have in accepting assistance, empathy, and relationships. Assistance with empathy secures a non-intrusive and complimentary method ensuring care is delivered properly and residents are more accepting.